My 5 year old son suffered with terrible asthma attacks and we were constantly in and out of the hospital. I heard about NAET but was disappointed that there were no practitioners in the Palm Beaches. I found Dr. Goldberg in Boca Raton, and decided it was worth the drive to try something new.  Dr. Goldberg took the time to test things that my son came in contact with the most, and she found that he was allergic to plastics. After being treated and cleared of the plastic allergy, my son’s lungs are so much better and he has not had an asthma attack in 3 weeks!! If you have a chronic problem, try this….it works!!

- Paula D. (West Palm Beach)


I used to get stomach aches and diarrhea every time I came in contact with milk products. Having a dairy allergy  was a problem cause my favorite things are ice cream, yogurt, and cheese! After getting treated with NAET, I am now able to enjoy all my favorite milk products any time I want! Thanks Dr. Goldberg!!

- L.T. (Coral Springs)


Dr. Stephanie Goldberg has made me feel so much better. My migraines were so severe that I was getting botox injections.  They were very expensive, painful, and wore off quickly.  I finally heard of Dr. Goldberg from a friend, and was happy to see the office was so close to home in Boca.  Dr. Goldberg treated me for my allergies, with two treatments for the headaches specifically and I haven’t had a headache in over two weeks!  She is always available to speak with you if you have any questions. Thanks!!

- Nancy B. (Boca Raton)


I can’t begin to express my gratitude towards NAET and Dr. Goldberg! My daughter has suffered with severe eczema for most of her life.  She’s been on constant rounds of anti-biotics, prednisone, and many other topical lotions.  Even like that her skin was always cracked and bleeding and she was always itchy.  I was skeptical to try an alternative treatment, but some of my friends swore by the technique.  How bad could a holistic allergy treatment be, with no needles and no drugs, so I brought my daughter in.  Turns out she had many allergies, even to her own saliva! It’s been about six months of treatments and she is doing fabulous! She no longer has open lesions on her skin, and I rarely catch her scratching.  She still has more allergies to treat, but thank goodness we found this awesome technique and the kind and patient Doctor!

- Evelyn & Sabrina (Margate)