The duration of treatment varies and depends on each patient’s overall health, amount of allergies and severity of each of those allergies. Only items that test positive will be treated. ┬áBecause only one allergen can be cleared per visit, the average patient can expect to have 15-40 visits. Most patients see a marked improvement in their symptoms after just 5 treatments!

Allergens are treated and cleared one at a time in a specific order, and generally not more than one allergen is cleared per day. If you are a healthy individual who is not immune deficient, one treatment session per allergen should be all that is required to eliminate the allergy to that particular substance. You must avoid all contact with the allergen (if possible) for 25 hours to let your body be re-programmed. People who are highly allergic to a particular allergen may require more than one visit to clear it.

The process of finding your allergies is made effective by following the basic 15 foundation substances. These substances include the most commonly eaten foods and nutrients. It is of utmost importance to follow this sequence, because being cleared of the first 15 allergens provides your body with the foundation it needs to clear more complex allergies. Essentially, treating for the basic substances will reduce your allergic response in the body, and you will need fewer treatments to get maximum results. Some people may be allergic to all 15 of these basic substances, while others may only need to clear a few. Each allergen needing to be cleared generally corresponds to one office visit. Chemical and environmental allergens, as well as cosmetics, vaccinations, physical agents, and other allergens specific to the patient can be treated after completing between 6-10 of the basic groups.