NAET is based on the principle that every substance and/or being has a unique electromagnetic energy (a footprint so to speak), that can either clash or co-exist with our own energy when we come into contact with it. When they clash, our brains view that item as a threat and there starts the allergic reaction as previously mentioned. This treatment method desensitizes our bodies to the allergen, so that we may come into contact with them in the future without an allergic reaction.

The technique involves neuromuscular sensitivity testing through muscle response testing (MRT) to confirm or deny a suspected allergen. Testing can be done on most everyone including the babies, children, pregnant woman, the elderly, or debilitated. Only items that test positive will be treated.  When the patient is exposed to a particular substance (by holding it) and the MRT tests weak, we can identify that substance as an allergen. The treatment consists of manually stimulating pressure points along the entire spine while the patient is holding the allergen. Post treatment, the MRT should test strong indicating that the treatment was effective. At this point, specific acupressure points are stimulated through massage to stabilize the treatment, followed by a 20 minute resting period to to allow for the body to become desensitized to the allergen. Upon leaving the office, the patient will be sent home with detailed written instructions because all contact with the allergen treated should be avoided for 25 hours for best results. On the following visit before starting MRT on new substances, the previously avoided allergen will be re-tested, and if MRT is strong, that allergen is said to be cleared and testing and treatment will begin for a new substance.