How do I know if I have Allergies?

As previously mentioned, many allergies go undiagnosed. When you go to your doctor with a headache, they are trained to treat the symptom and give you medication to take the pain away. Most doctors do not look toward allergies to explain why the headaches or other illnesses come from. That is why NAET patients experience such significant positive changes in their lives after treatment.

If you experience any unusual physical, physiological, or emotional symptoms in the presence of any of the following items, you can suspect an allergy!

Common allergens include:
Inhalants- pollens, flowers, perfume, pet dander, dust, paint, formaldehyde, etc.
Ingestants- food, drink, vitamins, drugs, food additives, etc.
Contactants- animals, fabrics, chemicals, cosmetics, furniture, utensils, etc.
Injectants- insect bites, stings, injectable drugs, immunization, etc.
Infectants- viruses, bacteria, contact with infected people, etc.
Physical agents- heat, cold, humidity, dampness, fog, wind, dryness, sunlight, sound
Genetic factors- inherited illnesses or tendency from parents, grandparents, etc.
Molds and fungi- molds, yeast, candida, parasites, etc.
Emotional factors- painful memories of various incidents from past to present

Can I have allergies if I don’t feel sick?

Absolutely! This method can be used to test and treat healthy individuals with hidden allergies that could cause illness in the future. Many healthy people who get treated experience improvements in digestion, sleep, and mental acuity that they never even realized needed improving.

In addition, NAET can complement other medical therapies that use pharmaceutical drugs (antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation…) by treating for any side effects and by maximizing the effectiveness of the drugs.

How did I get these allergies?

Energy imbalances can come from various sources and factors including:
Heredity- passed along from parents, grandparents, etc.
Toxins- foods, drinks, chemicals, pesticides, environmental factors, bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.
Stressful events taking a toll on the immune system- accidents, injuries, surgeries, serious illness
Deficiency and Malabsorption disorders- thyroid functions, hormonal disorders, poor digestion, etc.
Overexposure to toxic substances over a period of time- chemicals , pesticides, allergic food and drinks, extreme heat/cold, etc.
Emotional trauma- extreme emotions can cause blockages in energy circulation
Radiation- excessive exposure to television, sun, radioactive materials, etc.